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Bath is a harbor town and National Historic Site. The state’s first town, Bath is located between two bridges on the Pamlico River in Eastern North Carolina, close to the point where the Pamlico river and Sound meets, Bath is a prestige spot for sailing, biking, fishing, paddling, picnics, events and weddings, simply relaxing, sunset watching and more!

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The Bath Business Alliance

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Incorporated in 1705, Bath was North Carolina's first port of entry, mostly with trade in naval stores, furs, and tobacco. Bath is North Carolina's oldest town, celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2005.

Bath Business Alliance

The Bath Business Alliance is a division of the Washington-Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce and consists of over 17 local businesses. The mission of the BBA is to unify the businesses of the town of Bath, to enhance our economy, strengthen commerce and create sustainable tourism while preserving the synergy of this historic town.